During a meeting with the press, representatives of associations organizing the event said that the caravan, launched nationally, under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, sheds new light on autonomy proposal in the Moroccan Sahara, which is part of the societal democratic and modernist project launched by His Majesty the King.

This caravan, organized under the theme: "Yes, Autonomy," includes organizing discussion meetings in many cities of the Kingdom on this initiative with the support and involvement of national stakeholders of various backgrounds (political, economic, social, artistic and media), they said, adding that the caravan is also designed to reflect the unanimity of Moroccans around the solution of a wider autonomy in the Sahara.

This major event is a forum for sharing ideas, exchange and dialogue, and a testimony or a message to the international community, its agencies and organizations, signifying the commitment of all components of the Moroccan people to the autonomy proposal, suitable solution combining unity, democracy and progress, they added.

The possibility to expand this event to others is considered, along with the possibility of organizing a campaign to explain the objectives of the autonomy proposal in schools through the academies of the Ministry of the Education.

The caravan, sponsored, among others, by Corcas is organized by “Ribat Al Fath ","Fez Saïss" and "Grand Atlas" Associations' , Asilah Forum Foundation and Assakia Al Hamra Coalition in Laayoune in collaboration with other social partners.

In the same framework, organizers announced the creation of the website:, which will be available from  November 6. The report should describe the particular activities of the caravan.

The program of this event provides a discussion meeting on 6 November in Marrakesh under the theme: "Autonomy plan for the Sahara in Moroccan thought," another, November 20 in Laayoune on "The role of information and communication in promoting the project nationally and internationally, "a third, in Asilah December 4 under the theme:" Autonomy success: what role for civil society? ", fourth, Fez on December 11 "The future of economic and social development of the region" and a fifth, December 25 in Rabat on " Horizon of political action in the aftermath of independence.


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